Chat-GPT 4 enabled Q&A Content Creator

Do you want to use AI to grow your marketing but not sure where to start?

You've seen the headlines. AI is popping up everywhere from news articles to the coffee shop. You know you needed to start this weeks ago, months ago. You have to develop proficiency starting NOW, or it will be too late...

Act now and you can have your cake and eat it too. You get world-class marketing for all your needs created for you while you leverage the power of AI to grow your business.

You can have the best of both worlds!

World-class Content and Ads with 96 Advertising Pieces for 11 Platforms, Formats, and Channels. And Growing Weekly.

Ads and Content for Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Landing pages, Customer Objections, Sales Pages, Cold Email, Press Release, Postcards, Marketing Flyers, With Hashtags, SEO and More

Your 30 minute Chat-GPT Prompt Engineering Crash Course with a Soft Landing. And Examples For Every Item.

From a single 30 minute interview you will learn how to interact with AI to generate SUPERB results. You will see how to incorporate the best content creation frameworks. Examples include Pain, Agitate, Solution (PAS) and Attention, Information, Desire, Action (AIDA) to SUPERCHARGE your Ads and Content. You will also receive Every Single Prompt we used to generate your content. This will fast track your marketing.

You know that your competition is looking at AI too, right? If you want to stay ahead answer these questions...

#1 – Are you ready to make an investment in yourself and get started with AI? And get a multi-channel marketing content strategy rolling right now? (OK, that was 2 questions)

#2 – Are you the person that decides the direction of your company or department?

#3 – Do you believe that NOW is the time to get rolling with AI? 

#4 – Do you believe that you can get better results from a system? A system created by a tech nerd that also owns digital marketing and knows how to leverage AI and ChatGPT?

#5 – Is multi-channel content part of your marketing strategy? Is ChatGPT automation the way to get your words out to the world?

If you answered yes, click the button to skip the line and get started now. 

Unlocking the Power of AI and ChatGPT Automation Is the Key to Generating Months of Multi-Channel Content and Ads Without the Regular Hassles. You will Understand it So Well You Can Wield It On Demand. You Can Acquire This Through Our “Q&AI” Content Automation Creation System.

Now you can unlock the power of AI. You will gain the skills and confidence to generate MONTHS of content on demand. You will start on the right foot of your own AI and ChatGPT journey. You can have peace of mind knowing that if we choose to work together, we offer a 100% money back happiness guarantee.

Getting started couldn't be easier. Just click the red button below to schedule your 30-minute kickoff session.

Here is what you can expect to get from your investment. Let's start with the ads and content!

Tons of Ads and Content including 96 unique “ads” and “content” on 11 platforms, media types and formats

Million Dollar Offer

A strategically formulated product or service “Offer” that is so good your prospects would feel stupid to say no. To be used anywhere (web, email, presentation, etc)

12 Organic Facebook Posts

12 unique Facebook posts with accompanying Image creation and hashtag suggestions

Eye Catching HEadlines

5 individual Ad / Web page / Landing page headlines to be used at your discretion.

LinkedIn Connection Request

A Detailed LinkedIn Connection request template for your campaign.

Marketing / Promotional Flyer

Content for a Marketing / Promotional flyer for your intended audience.

Postcard / Mailer

Postcard mailer content and image suggestion (automatically generated with Dall-E2)

Landing Page

Sales landing page content with the following structure (Hero, subheader, call to action, tagline, H2, paragraph, H2, paragraph, H2, paragraph, call to action)

12 YouTube video scripts

12 unique YouTube “Shorts” video scripts

Objections / Rebuttals

The top 5 customer objections and rebuttals scripts

7 step LinkedIn Outreach Sequence

A 7 step LinkedIn cold outreach messaging sequence (All 7 messages)

10 Google PPC Ads

10 Google PPC text ads

Billboard Ad

A Billboard Ad (YES! A Billboard advertisement) With Dall-E2 image suggestion

TikTok Video Scripts

12 unique 45-60 second TikTok video scripts

Sales Landing Page

Sales landing page with SEO keyword recommendations and CTA

Long YouTube Video Script

A long form (3-5 minute) YouTube video script with offer, CTA and hashtag suggestions

Press Release

Campaign Press Release with CTA to website

12 unique LinkedIn posts

12 unique LinkedIn posts with accompanying Image creation and hashtag suggestions

FaceBook Ads

12 unique Facebook feed ads with accompanying image creation suggestion

Webinar Script

A unique 6-8 minute automated webinar script

7 message cold email sequence

A 7 item cold email outreach messaging sequence (All 7 email messages) with CTAs

Yep. That is 96 individual pieces of content!

This is the puzzle piece needed to get your multi-channel content strategy up and running fast!

What Else? Here's What Else!

Your Personalized 30-minute Review Session.
You Will Receive Every Single Prompt And Details Used to Generate Your Content. You Can Get As Close To The Details As You Want. Here's What Else!

Great, we are gonna leave you at the altar with a bunch of text huh? No chance. You will receive a personalized 30-minute review session to walk you through any questions you might have about your content, prompts, and how to interact with ChatGPT at your convenience. 


You will also have access to our 4-step Chat-GPT Quick Start video series. This is a HUGE benefit that will drastically slash the time it takes to get started using Chat-GPT on your own. This will give you insight into resources that will get you DRASTICALLY better results right from the start. If you’re already using Chat-GPT, you’ll get better results right away.

Personalized Review Session

A personalized 30 minute review session to walk you through any questions you might have about your content, prompts and how to interact with ChatGPT and Dall-E at your convenience.

Every Single Prompt for Chat-GPT and Dall-e2

Every single prompt we used to generate all of this content. You can see for yourself the details we pass and how we converse with AI, Chat-GPT, and Dall-e2

Our 4 Part ChatGPT Quick Start Video Series

This is a HUGE benefit which will drastically slash the time it take to get started using ChatGPT on your own AND will give you insight into resources that will get you DRASTICALLY better results right from the start

You will receive ALL of the results listed above.

There is another angle to consider too. You can slash the hassles of dealing with copywriters & creators. You can shorten the learning curve of content creation. AND eliminate the learning curve for ChatGPT automation. Yes! All Three! Let’s break it down…

If you can't stand to deal with the hassles that come with copywriting, this is for you. Here's my list of pain points when I deal with copywriting...

Quality and Consistency – Maintaining a high standard of quality and a consistent brand voice across all content and channels can be challenging, especially when multiple team members are involved.


Content Customization – Each channel has its own unique characteristics and audience expectations. Tailoring content to fit each specific channel can be time-consuming and requires a deep understanding of each platform.


Resource Constraints – Creating high-quality content for multiple channels often requires significant resources, including time, budget, and skilled personnel.


Content Overload – With the need to create content for multiple channels, there’s a risk of producing too much content, which can overwhelm the audience and dilute the message.


Creative Block – Coming up with fresh, engaging ideas for content on a regular basis can be challenging, leading to creative fatigue.


SEO Challenges – Creating content that is both engaging for the audience and optimized for search engines can be a difficult balance to strike.


Visual Content Creation – Creating high-quality visual content (like videos, infographics, and images) for platforms like Instagram and YouTube can be resource-intensive and requires specific skills.


Keeping Up with Trends – The digital landscape is constantly changing, and staying current with the latest content trends and platform features can be a challenge.


Content Localization – For global campaigns, creating content that resonates with different cultures and languages can be complex and requires a deep understanding of local markets.


Measuring Content Performance – Understanding which pieces of content are performing well (and why) can be difficult but is crucial for refining the content strategy.

That is a lot of nonsense associated with copywriting that can now be avoided. Unless you really like that kind of hassle?

If you want to eliminate the frustration and shorten the learning curve for leveraging AI and Chat-GPT for marketing, this is for you. Here's my list of avoidable frustrations...

No More Understanding AI Capabilities – Grasping the capabilities and limitations of AI and machine learning models like ChatGPT can be challenging, especially for those new to the technology.


No More Quality Control – While ChatGPT can generate content quickly, ensuring the content meets your brand’s standards for quality and consistency can be a challenge.


No Need to Train the Model – Learning how to effectively train and fine-tune the model to generate the desired type of content can be complex and time-consuming.


No Need for Contextual Understanding – AI models like ChatGPT may not fully understand context or nuances in the same way a human would, which can lead to errors or misunderstandings in the generated content.


No More Brand Voice Consistency Issues – Ensuring that the AI consistently generates content that aligns with your brand’s unique voice and style can be a challenge.

 No More Content Customization – While ChatGPT can generate content, learning how to customize this content for different platforms, audiences, or marketing goals can be challenging.


No Worries for Integration with Existing Systems – Integrating ChatGPT with your existing content management systems or marketing automation tools can be technically challenging.


No Concerns for Dependency on AI – There’s a risk of becoming overly reliant on AI for content creation, which can lead to a lack of human touch in your content.


No More Data Privacy and Security Issues – Using AI tools often involves processing large amounts of data, and ensuring this data is handled securely and in compliance with privacy laws can be a challenge.


No More Keeping Up with Updates – AI and machine learning technologies are rapidly evolving, and keeping up with the latest updates and improvements to tools like ChatGPT can be a challenge.

That is a lot of headache.. It Is Avoidable!

This is NOT a good fit for you if...

ENJOY the hassles of dealing with copywriters & creators.


LOVE long and painful learning curves in content creation.


AND LIVE FOR the frustrating learning curve of learning automation techniques.


FRUSTRATION IS A PASSION when learning new technology like AI.

Want to avoid all that pain?

Here's what our clients have to say about their results and transformation

I was in your shoes.

I was a little overwhelmed and struggling to get started. But working with Steve and his team allowed me to use AI to my advantage. Now, I'm creating more value for my business faster than ever before.
Brandon Davis - CEO -

A little skeptical at first.

But once I started using this solution, I realized it was a game-changer. It's given me the ability to scale my business without burning out.
Head of Sales - Champion Consulting

I used to spend HOURS on content creation.

I used to spend hours on content creation. But with this solution, I've automated the tedious parts, allowing me to focus on creativity. My clients are happier, and so am I.
Roberta Ravella - Marketing Coach -

So, You're Interested & Want To Know How This Works?

Who Am I and How Can I Make THAT Happiness Guarantee?

Here’s the skinny. This is what you can expect and in what order.

Simply sign up, and schedule your 30-minute campaign interview session and a recording of our session. A $999 value.

We will expertly review and translate our interview into our ChatGPT interfacing web portal to produce 96 ads and content that is detailed above. This is easily a $4,999 value.

Access to Our 4 Part ChatGPT Quick Start Video Series. A $499 value.

Your 30 min personalized review and AI spring board session. A $1,999 value.

Digital access to all of your input, the prompts we used, and the AI Chat-GPT output stored on our secure web portal. This is a $999 value.

Recordings of all of our sessions for your review, a $250 value


 A SERIOUS JUMPSTART into automation and multi-channel marketing content creation using Artificial Intelligence and Chat-GPT. This is a value that only you can assign. How much value does this produce for you and your company? What dollar value do you place on getting back an hour a day? How much is it worth to your company to learn AI and ChatGPT now instead of waiting for months or longer? How much productivity can you gain, how do you value that? How much new business can you gain by utilizing a multi-channel approach to your marketing strategy? Is it worth $10,000, $20,000, $50,000? Only you can decide.


There is a limited amount of time. Not because of our offer. The time limits are being placed on you by the crushing pressure of the marketplace. You’ve undoubtedly seen the headlines regarding the job losses that are coming due to the proficiency of AI. While AI isn’t going to magically manifest itself into the terminator, it will put stress on your business if you are not in position to bend it to your will. You only have a few weeks, maybe months on the high end to integrate AI into your business marketing operations or you will be left behind. You have a choice AND an excellent option if you move on this opportunity now.


All of this is backed by our 100% money-back Happiness Guarantee.

 If you engage during our sessions…

If you review the Quick Start videos series and perform their activities

If you review your Chat-GPT output and content

AND you are not happily satisfied with the results we provide for you we will provide you with a full refund NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Hey there. I’m Steven Bowman. I am the founder here at InnoSofTech. I’m an application developer and coder by trade for 25 years now. I’m been an Entrepreneur for more than 20 years already. I’m also a marketer and a digital marketer for more than 10 years. I grew up working in restaurants, went to culinary school, and am one heck of a talented chef too. I am interdisciplinary. More importantly I am a person that believes in and has implemented systems for decades.. It is my secret sauce and my differentiator. 

But how does it relate to you?

Here at InnoSofTech we built a system that allows us to capture your input by leveraging the results model you might have seen above. First we perform empathy exercises then we build your offer finally we top it off with trust and rapport. We take all of your input and ship it off to the “AI machines” to automate the creation of the intricate needs of email vs fb ads vs tik tok scripts with hashtag blah blah blah. Yeah, I just said blah, blah, blah. Of course, I am interested but just like you I am using a system to automate it because I’ve already done that work by putting it into the system right?

Correct. We do the heavy lifting from here…

Systems produce better results. 

Systems produce more consistent results.

Systems produce the output you want.

We use our systems to gather your words, feelings, and experiences to generate empathy, offers, and rapport. We then leverage AI and ChatGPT to expand your inputs into all of the crazy formats, platforms, and line items we promised above. 

It can stay that simple for all of us 🙂

Ask yourself a few questions again...

#1 – Are you ready to make an investment in yourself and get started with AI? And get a multi-channel marketing content strategy rolling right now? (OK, that was 2 questions)

#2 – Are you the person that decides the direction of your company or department?

#3 – Do you believe that NOW is the time to get rolling with AI? 

#4 – Do you believe that you can get better results from a system? A system created by a tech nerd that also owns digital marketing and knows how to leverage AI and ChatGPT?

#5 – Is multi-channel content part of your marketing strategy? Is ChatGPT automation the way to get your words out to the world?


If you answered yes, what are you waiting for? Did you see the Happiness guarantee?


This is my challenge to you. Start now. If not here, somewhere. But answer this… Why not here, now?

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