QandAI from InnoSofTech automated the creation of dozens of marketing content types from one session using ChatGPT and AI

Do you need multichannel content but you’re not a copywriter?

Want an automated system to create content?

If You want an easy to use, quick system to produce content for 19 different (and adding daily) channels and formats including Facebook, Google, Linked, cold email because you aren’t a copywriter

Want to save time by doing work once and producing gobs of content?

If you are looking to save time when creating content, offer structure and headlines by being “interviewed” once and producing all of the above but you don’t know where to start

Want to use AI but don’t like the learning curve?

If you want to leverage AI do the heavy lifting on creating content but you still want creative control and you don’t know how or want to learn how to use AI right now and you just need results

Do you believe in scientific marketing? AKA Spread the message to find the right combo of message, channel format? Do you need help implementing?

If you believe in a fail forward fast digital marketing approach where you post similar content honed for each channel with a consistent message to eliminate unproductive channels but that takes you too long

Do you like using a process to guarantee results?

If you believe that using a process or consistent system will produce better results but you don’t have one

Want to learn AI at your own pace?

If you are interested in learning about how AI works and are looking for an easy springboard

If you are still here…. You are in the right place!

Welcome to our QnAI content creator application!

Here’s an overview on how it works. First, we walk you through a wizard style interview

We work your concept by gathering information like:

  1. Niche clarity questions
  2. Empathy questions of your prospect avatar
  3. Information on your product or service

Then we build your irresistible offer by defining your

  1. Solution – What makes your solution awesome
  2. All the details of your guarantee
  3. We then add scarcity, urgency and bonuses

Finally we shape your final output by designing copy that will

  1. Build trust
  2. Increase rapport
  3. Close deals

And the output is a large stack of multi channel content that has a consistent, congruent message across the following channels and media types:

  1. Detailed main offer / web page content
  2. Ad/Web/Landing Page Headlines
  3. Marketing/Promotional Flyer
  4. Postcard Output
  5. Landing page content
  6. YouTube Shorts Scripting
  7. Customer Objections & Rebuttals
  8. 7 step Cold LinkedIn Outreach Sequence
  9. Google PPC Ad Creation
  10. Billboard Ad Creation w/ image suggestions
  11. TikTok Video Scripting
  12. Sales Page SEO Optimization
  13. Long YouTube Video Scripting
  14. Product Launch Campaign Development / Press release
  15. LinkedIn Post Creation
  16. Facebook Post Creation
  17. Automated Webinar Scripting
  18. 7 step Cold Email Sequence Creation
  19. More and more on a (almost) daily basis.

Let us know if there is something  you want that isn’t listed.

Furthermore, you will have access to all prompts which are the actual request messages sent to AI. If you want to further hone an output, you can take the request to your AI provider of choice and continue to tweak till your heart’s content.

We have found this to be extremely helpful in breaching the gap with folks like yourself that are interested in AI but are looking for a jumpstart. Here it is!

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